Warm in a Winter Wedding Dress

When it comes to your winter wedding, what do you envisage? A cosy atmosphere with the warmth and intimacy that the season brings? Guests huddled round a roaring fire and keeping out of the cold and into the celebrations?

Whatever your vision for your special day, finding a suitable winter wedding dress will be high on your agenda. And what winter brings with it are endless opportunities to create a particular look and feel.

Heavy and grand fabrics, rich colours and layers of style with veils and shrugs are all possibilities when the temperature is cool.

That make-up is staying in place and your guests will thank you all the more for the food and drink you are providing when cold conditions beckon.

Ideal winter wedding dresses are sumptuous, sometimes combining materials to create a layered, warm look. Tulle, taffeta, velvet, lace and organza are wonderful fabrics to go for, and you can finish them off with a faux fur shrug or even long gloves if you’re going for a traditional, elegant and refined look.

Winter also allows for lots of sparkle, so don’t be afraid to jewel-up with dress embellishments or hair accessories. When it comes to the silhouette of the gown, anything goes, however a full ball gown skirt is perfect for a winter wedding.

You can also experiment with colours too, adding a splash of something into a sash, hem or neckline. You could even go for an ultimate chic, on-fashion colour, like silvery-blue, like this gown here...

When it comes to a winter wedding gown, dress to impress. Try sleeves, coats, boleros, colours, feathers, full shoes, rich flowers and any interesting quirks you can think of. Are you going outdoors for any photos? Try a funky pair of wellies and umbrella to make a feature of the season. Is your wedding close to Christmas? Bring in reds, seasonal flowers and sparkles to reflect this.

Make the most of the extra items of clothing you can wear and bring some brightness to those winter months with your wedding look.

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