Fabulous Fall Wedding Dresses

The turning of the season into fall brings about rich and bright colours and a ‘best of both worlds’ outlook. This is an ethos that can spill over into your wedding day too, if you so wish.

While the leaves and climate may be turning, there is often still sentimentality about summer still lingering and an anticipation of what winter will bring.

Take this attitude with you when choosing a wedding dress because the flowing fabrics of relaxed summer are just as plausible as well as the structured full contours of winter’s designs too. Take your pick.

When it comes to the silhouette, depending on your shape you are free to wear whichever suits you best. You can bring the bling of winter jewels and colours  and enjoy most fabrics, so long as they aren’t too heavy and thick.

Deep colours can be used for bridesmaid dresses and bouquets, and sprinklings can be added to your outfit too. If you want to be in-keeping with the season though, you could be so brave as to wear the colours yourself.

Fall is the perfect time of year to have a vintage wedding, and if it’s this theme you’re going for there are some wonderful styles out there, from rustic lace gowns to ruched, layered and gathered fabrics.

Take into account your location and weather system – if the autumn you’re getting married in is particular wet, remember to buy a bridal umbrella, if it is cold, get a shrug, shawl or bolero to slip on when needed throughout your day. If it’s a warm fall, consider a short dress to keep the look relaxed and informal.

Fall wedding dresses can be just as bold in their design too, with dramatic hair accessories, veils and jewellery.

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