Sublime Spring Wedding Dresses

What makes spring weddings so special is that they embody what the season is all about – new beginnings, bright new life and an air of excitement and anticipation. 

Wedding guest emerge out of winter and into celebrations with romance and love in the air, and it’s your job to be the blushing bride for them all to admire.

When you begin your search for a spring wedding dress, you have already won half the battle. Spring means the ability to wear almost any fabric and design, without having to worry about getting too hot or cold or dressing up in a coat and gloves in order to have your photos taken.

There are, however, plenty of ideas to consider for the season, such as certain looks and seasonal styling. And while extreme weather conditions might not be high on your agenda of concerns, the temperature of your venue and location will still have to be considered when choosing your gown.

For example, is your do a relaxed outside garden party or a formal indoor stately home affair?

Will you be outside for a lot of your day or will you be inside for the whole thing?

These factors bear weight on accessories like veils, shoes and shrugs, so ignore them at your peril.

Spring also brings a few things to mind, such as flowers and petals, butterflies and birds, which could be adorable embellishments to your dress. Matching them to a pastel-coloured bouquet or hair accessories would give your bridal look the seasonal effect. You could even try a wrist corsage for a romantic, retro look.

Peep-toes and short prom dresses are also fit for spring weddings, as are short veils, hair flowers, loose hairstyles, simple jewellery and delicate and flowing materials

Essentially you can wear what you like, but make the most of the season by taking inspiration from it.

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