Medieval wedding dress for simple, soft, romance

If you are looking for an unusual or alternative style gown, then a medieval wedding dress could be just what you’re looking for.

Its inspiration comes from the Middle Ages (5th to 15th century) and the modern dress designer’s take on this bygone age encapsulates romance, honour, chastity, and purity. 

If you want to look and feel like a real-life princess on your special day, then a Medieval wedding dress is bound to sweep you off your feet along with your husband.

Medieval bridal gown designs range from very simple full-length dresses, often decorated with embroidered bands, typical of the earlier period, to richer dresses made of embroidered silks typical of the later period.

Dresses are are full length, and often include a criss-crossed lacing effect on the bodice, or feature a low-waisted embroidered waistband.  Particularly characteristic of the era are also flared/angel-wing sleeves.

Often medieval bridal gowns may also feature what’s called a “cotehardie,” or a fitted dress: a one-piece over dress with a flared skirt and long, tight sleeves, with a wide, low neckline – giving the appearance of a fitted coat.  Underneath you will glimpse the smocking of the under-dress (which may only be simulated thanks to more recent dress-making technicques!

Medieval style wedding gowns are becoming increasingly popular, especially for themed weddings.  Many designers specialize in these gowns and you can often have one made-to-measure.

Colour-wise, you can pretty much choose anything you like (within reason), such as pure white, deep red, forest green, sky blue, and deep purple. However, many brides choose to combine two different colours, either by contrasting the bodice lacing with the rest of the dress, or by including coloured panels on the bodice or skirt. 

Medieval wedding dresses look particularly becoming when accessorised with hand-held floral garlands and hair accessories. When it comes to choosing an appropriate hairstyle, there are several options. Some women opt for ringlets, while others wear their hair loose – there is no right or wrong choice. 

The same goes for your choice of footwear; whilst pretty pumps or slippers will look authentic and keep your feet comfortable throughout the day, a pair of dainty heels will equally suit. As the majority of Medieval gowns are floor-length, the person who’s most likely to notice what’s on your feet is you! 

If you’re dreaming of knights in shining armour, chivalry, and romance, this is the ultimate choice of dress for your wedding day.