Dresses for a Festive Christmas Wedding

By its very nature, a Christmas wedding conjures images of snow queens, sparkles and romance. But while the fairytale vision might not be the one you’re going for, you can certainly create a fantastic holiday atmosphere with your festive wedding no matter what your style.

Creating the perfect look and finding that Christmas wedding dress is part of the experience, but it does take some thought.

To start you off, some ideas are: red roses against a pure white silk gown and fur bolero, a top-to-toe lace gown with full sleeves, high neck and full-length veil, a jewel-embellished bodice with full ball gown skirt and long gloves, an organza jacket over a grand A-line silhouette... the possibilities are endless. But Christmas evokes imagination and so must you. 

An obvious but daring option is the red dress, which would be ultimately festive and different. However, another toned-down alternative is to add a smidgen of Christmas colour to your dress, veil, shoes, handbag or hair accessory.

Or you can leave the colour to a rich and grand bouquet instead. A substitute for sparkles could be to find Christmas wedding dresses with silver thread to bring in that dash of glamour without having to shine too much.

A coat dress would exude elegance and class during the festive months and also serve to keep the bride extra warm in a freezing climate. Choose one with a hood for extra glamour for those photos.

A bride focused on keeping warm and away from tradition might prefer to go for a trouser suit which can be adorned with all manner of accessories to give it a festive look, not least with a red pair of heels and some red velvet gloves.

As well as keeping warm for your Christmas wedding the other most important thing is to ensure the theme and decorations don’t outshine you on your big day. The bride must bring the sparkle to any wedding, after all.

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