Your Best Wedding Dresses Match Your Bridal Style

How do you find the best wedding dresses?   The real key to getting closer to finding your best choice of dress, is to first find out which is your own preferred Bridal Style.

Of course every bride has her own ideal, perfect wedding dress: you might not have found it yet but you will know the one when you see it!

And remember, what's best for you may not be the best for another bride.

So, finding your personal Bridal Style will help you to home-in much easier on your own range of preferred dresses.  You might want to start collecting pictures and details of your choice of 'best wedding dresses'  in a look-book, so you can use it as a short-list before making your final choice.

There are many different Bridal Styles ranging from traditional to modern, from informal to unusal.

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What exactly is bridal style?

Bridal Style is the overall image that you convey as a bride.  It is a reflection of who you are and who you choose to be on your wedding day.  You can choose your Style based on a cocktail of different elements:

Your personality: the real you and your everyday style

Your dreams: whether you want to live a special dreams and perhaps be a little different on your wedding day

Your ceremony: the type of venue and theme you choose

You may take into account all, or just some of the above, when deciding on your own bridal style.  

A little pondering over your Bridal Style is really worth the effort.  

It  will make creating your own short list of best wedding dresses much more easy.  

It will help lead you to your dream wedding dress and make the task of turning yourself into the bride of your dreams much more effortless, as well as making you oh-so-grateful on your Big Day that you went the extra mile. 

If you need more inspiration or feel the imagination involved in the whole process is just too much, don’t be disheartened. More help is on hand in our Unique Guide to Finding Your Dream Wedding Dress.

Which is Your Favourite Bridal Style?

Have a look through the different bridal styles below and find your favourite. See which one feels just right for you.  Once you've found your bridal style, finding your dress will be so much easier. Just take a wander through the very best wedding dresses in that bridal style that we hand picked to help you.


The preferred choice if you feel a timeless, conventional dress is just right for you on your big day.  Forget the latest fashions and trends, choose a Traditional Bridal Style if you like the time-honoured customs of the wedding ceremony.  Perfect if you plan a big formal church ceremony. Click here to see the best traditional style wedding dresses.


Beautifully refined and ladylike, wonderful for the bride who likes to ooze in grace and femininity. Choose an Elegant Bridal Style if you like the statuesque goddess look.  Perfect for formal civil ceremonies, especially when later in the day. Click here to see the best elegant dresses.


Delicately feminine and subtly beautiful a Romantic Bridal Style is another timeless choice. All soft focus and old Hollywood, if your prefer modesty with an undertone of glamour, romantic might just be the style for you.  This style is a perfect fit for any ceremony. Click here to see the best romantic dresses.


Wonderful for the bride who has been waiting for the chance to live their dream of a fairytale wedding since childhood.  This is your big chance to become a princess for a day, to pull out all stops and go for it big time with a big big dress. A Fairytale Bridal Style is popular both for traditional and outdoor ceremonies. Click here to see the best fairytale dresses.


If you like to live in the here and now and love to look the perfect fashion icon, a Modern Bridal Style is just the answer.  This is just the thing for on-trend fashion-lovers who choose a chic contemporary wedding.  You you can even dare to go that little bit further with a little sexy allure.  Perfect for civil ceremonies, especially beach and outdoor venues. Click here to see the best modern dresses.


For ladies who prefer a minimal, understated and no-fuss style, this one is for you. Often a choice that perfectly matches personal style in everyday life, it’s also ideal for brides getting married later in life too. A simple bridal style will ensure that you look effortlessly beautiful and easily fits in with any ceremony and venue. Click here to see the best simple dresses.


If you prefer to dress down rather than up and your ideal is a relaxed wedding, a day more about having fun with family and friends, then an Informal Bridal Style is just perfect. This style is perfect for a wedding in a simple chapel, relaxed country garden or on a beautiful sandy beach. Click here to see the best informal dresses.

Non Traditional

For ladies who feel they’ve outgrown the idea of the traditional white gown or quite simply that it’s not their thing, try a Non Traditional Bridal Style.  It opens to a wonderful range of possibilities without necessarily compromising on beauty and elegance.  It’s perfect for both civil and for church ceremonies with the right back-drop. Click here to see the best non traditional dresses.


If you shy away from conformity and proudly consider yourself a bit different, unusual is the perfect Bridal Style for you.  You may simply feel a big traditional dress is not you and want something eye-catching for your big day.  If you're planning an unusual theme for your ceremony, this bridal style is of course perfect too.  Click here to see the best unusual wedding dresses.

So once you've found your ideal Bridal Style and once you've mapped out your wedding dress search with the help of our Ultimate Guide to Finding Your Dream Dress, you can start your journey browsing dresses and adding the ones you like best to your own personal look-book of best wedding dresses.

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