Celtic Wedding Dresses

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a shimmering white bridal gown set against verdant green grass or piercing blue seas.  That’s probably why Irish-inspired Celtic wedding dresses are designed to make their wearers stand out in front of any backdrop.

Whether you’re Irish or not, you’ll know that natives of the Emerald Isle take the institution of marriage very seriously, as well as their family roots and folklore.

As a result, the Celtic wedding dress represents heritage, passion, nature, and individuality. 

The great thing about this style is that it can be as formal or informal as you like and, because the majority of dresses are custom-made, you can be sure that yours will be perfectly suited to your individual tastes and requirements.

Whether you plan to exchange traditional wedding bands or Irish-style Claddagh rings, incorporating a Celtic knot design into the design of your dress is a popular choice for many brides, and signifies the eternity of love and life.

Many Celtic wedding dresses also for inspiration from a variety of other historical styles that are unique and fascinating, such as Renaissance, Gothic and Medieval. However, the majority are designed with flowing skirts and sleeves, and are made from fabrics like velvet, Irish lace, silk, and cotton. Another frequent feature is an embroidered bodice, which is typically stiff to help accentuate the contours of the body.

Most brides who choose a Celtic wedding dress forgo the traditional veil, and instead opt for loose or braided hair intertwined with flowers, or an intricate silver headband or tiara.

This style of gown can be beautifully complimented by picking simple yet pretty, peasant-style dresses for your bridesmaids. Alternatively, dress them in emerald green satin (in keeping with the Irish theme), and let your dazzling white gown stand out in comparison.

Because this style of gown captures ethereal, romantic, and fairytale qualities so well, it will look particularly captivating in outdoor and countryside settings like lakes, orchards, and forests.