Stunning Summer Wedding Dress

The fantasy of a long, hot summer’s day on which your wedding day will take place is top of the wish-list for many brides and grooms-to-be.

Why? When that sun decides to shine there’s nothing quite like celebrating in it, drenched in its rays and feeling good, adding to the magic of your day.

But there are factors to consider when choosing a summer wedding dress.

What many brides forget to think about is the temperature. You don’t want to be too hot or cold, or your discomfort will show and you will wish you had chosen more wisely.

Is your wedding taking place outside?

Is it in a cool garden with a breeze or a sweltering beach?

Is it in a cool stone church followed by a reception in an air-conditioned venue, only leaving you to feel the heat when you’re outdoors for photos?

Think about it and then be clever with your fabrics and accessories – satin and velvet are too hot for a summer wedding dresses, whereas tulle and silk Georgette are perfect.

If you think you may have a range of climates to tackle during the day, dealing with blazing sunshine and a cooler evening,  look around for ideal adornments such as a shrug or embellished shawl for the cooler spots, or an elegant parasol for those rays.

When it comes to those all-important shoes go for peep toes on a warm day, closed toe for those drafts, or even beautiful flip flops in a very hot climate to allow room for your feet to swell without restriction to enable them to be kept on for the duration of your day.

Finding a dress for a summer wedding isn’t just about comfort. They style may be dictated by the weather too. A relaxed garden occasion might call for a quirky and fun prom-style knee-length dress  or a beach wedding is ideal for a flowing empire-line gown.

The wonderful thing about those wedding flowers for a summer wedding is that they can be as bright and bold as possible – so go as far as you dare when it comes to choosing the perfect bouquet

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