Choose a Dress that Really Accentuates your Body Shape

It is the day when every single woman wants to look her best. The day she will shine, wow and dazzle her groom as well as all her friends and family.

While every detail of the wedding takes effort, there is nothing quite like the burden of choosing that perfect gown. However, it is still the most fun and special part of all of the preparations - so long as you know what you’re looking for.

Before your search begins, this part of the guide will point you in the right direction when it comes to style, ensuring your wedding dress will flatter and accentuate the very best features of your body shape.

The impact that the style of dress can have on your looks is actually quite amazing!

Depending on your body shape, different dress styles can help to make you look taller, shorter, slimmer or fuller-figured. 

So of course your best option is to choose a dress that really flatters your body shape.  Go for a style that draws attention to your best parts and away from parts you prefer to hide.

If you are unsure about which dress styles are best for you, look at the suggestions below for your body shape.

For pear shapes

If you have a slim waist, chest and delicate shoulders, but your thighs and hips are curvy, go for a gown which gathers at the waist paired with an accessory to draw the eye to the smallest part of your frame. Also try A-line silhouettes which skim past those curves. Full skirts will also flatter your best bits.

For apple shapes

With a more voluptuous shape of full breasts, thicker middle and slimmer legs, apples should detract attention from the waist with an empire-line cut gown and a statement neckline such as sweetheart. Accessorise with delicate jewellery, veils and head wear to add pretty details and for weddings with a less formal format, show off those gorgeous pins with a shorter dress.

Hourglass shapes

The well proportioned shape of the hourglass – top and bottom halves with matching curves and defined small waist – is often known as the figure that can wear anything. Lucky you! Do try and go for dresses that highlight that tiny waist though and avoid an empire-line cut. Two-piece dresses or mermaid styles are also winners.

For athletic H shapes

A more slender up-and-down build needs to create curves. Achieve this by choosing a fitted gown like an elongated fishtail cut, which will accentuate that enviably slim body, while embellishments on a ruched or bold middle will help illusion a clinched waistline.

For inverted triangle shapes

A narrow waist and broad shoulders needs a wedding dress that will redress the balance of the body shape. Do this with a full skirt – as voluminous as your dare, whilst avoiding sleeves that draw attention to the shoulders. Embrace a sweetheart neckline to make shoulders appear narrower.

If you are a plus size 

The versatile A-line dress, with the ability to be made in any fabrics, is a fantastic shape for a larger frame thanks to its elegant flare. An empire-line  with a high waistband is also flattering as it falls from just below the bust. Choose your neckline carefully – a sweetheart can flaunt what you’ve got and square-cut can lessen your bust. Go for substantial fabrics as opposed to lightweight, but don't overdo it.

For a well-endowed bust line

Choosing the right neckline is vital when a bride has bust matters to consider. For a large bosom, go for well-fitted sweetheart, scoop neck or v-necks but avoid high necklines and halter-necks. Keep it simple, don’t show off too much, and, if you must go for strapless, make sure the dress goes all the way over your bust and you wear a good bra

For taller ladies

Embrace your statuesque frame and wear any style you please. Mermaid and fishtail cuts will look particularly wonderful and will highlight your elongated assets. Steer clear of empire lines which may increase the chances of your dress looking slightly tent-like.

When you are petite

If you’re short, keep it simple. Too much fabric can overload your tiny frame, as can gowns that are leaning towards meringue-esque. Stick to fitted, tailored, cuts, which are clean and unfussy. Draw attention to the top part of your body with dainty accessories and delicate detail.

For the smaller bust

Smaller-chested brides should try detailed bodices with embellishments and patterns or ruching. Empire-lines also work well as do defined necklines and waistlines that nip in too.