The Grace Kelly Wedding Dress

The Grace Kelly wedding dress is probably one of the most classically elegant bridal gowns ever seen. It was created for the marriage of American actress, Grace Kelly and Prince Rainier III of Monaco, which took place at St. Nicholas Cathedral in Monaco on 19th April 1956.

The dress was designed by US-born Helen Rose, who won two Academy Awards for Best Costume Design in the 1950s.  She was also known for the design of bridal gowns for other film stars, including Elizabeth Taylor.

The cost of Grace Kelly's Wedding Dress dress was covered (as a gift) by her Hollywood connections at MGM Studio.

It was a long-sleeved, high-necked gown with a fitted bodice and under-bodice, a billowing skirt made from yards of silk net, silk taffeta, peau de soie, vintage rose point lace from Brussels and tulle. It was accessorized with a pearl-encrusted Bible, a Juliet cap embellished with orange blossoms and seed pearls, and a veil made from ninety yards of tulle.

Apart from helping ensure that the bride looked absolutely breath-taking, there are two particular reasons why the Grace Kelly Wedding Dress stood out:

The first is the Juliet cap: many brides at the time wore a customary tiara or veil, but Helen Rose opted for a unique orange blossom-decorated cap that covered the back half of Grace’s head, and left the majority of the veil sheer so that the princess’s face would be visible through it.

Secondly, the high banded waist added more of the typical Hollywood glamour (a tiny waist and curvaceous hips) than most would expect from a normally conservative royal bridal gown.

The overall outfit oozed sophistication and elegance thanks to the yards of silk and lace.  The high-buttoned neck and flowing skirt gave the princess a noble, swan-like appearance.

Grace Kelly’s wedding dress continues to inspire generations of brides, and even Kate Middleton and Nicole Ritchie’s bridal gowns show noticeable comparisons to this original.

If you’d like to inject a little 50s glamour along with a little royalty into your wedding dress, a Grace Kelly-style gown could be just what you’re looking for.