Wedding Dress Blueprint
Part 1 - Your Wedding Plans

Your Wedding plans are, of course, a major point to consider when choosing your style of dress.  Where you will get married, what the climate will be like, whether you have any plans for a special theme and – last but not least – your budget, are all important factors that should guide your choice.

So, here we go… ask yourself a few simple questions and start homing-in on your dream dress.

You can make either a mental note of the answers, or better still, take a pen and paper! Start by writing My Wedding Dress Blueprint and My Wedding Plans, then note down the answers to the following questions, together with the dress hints you feel are appropriate to you.

Q1 Where do you plan to get married?

A church is a wonderful back-drop for a true wedding gown and many more formal traditional wedding dress styles are just perfect for this kind of setting.  

Consider the type of church you will marry in: the more formal and elaborate the Church is, the more it suited to a big formal dress and long train for example. In a more simple church you may prefer to go for a less formal dress.   

For a religious ceremony in Church it is obviously a good idea to steer clear of over-revealing and sexy wedding dresses.  You might want to check on whether there are any rules in your church concerning wedding dress by talking to your wedding planner or local priest/minister of religion.

If you plan a civil ceremony, you may want to choose a more formal dress for indoor weddings, whereas if you plan a beach or a garden wedding you may prefer to go for a more informal and  casual look. 

If you plan a destination wedding think about the type of dress that will make you feel comfortable in that country.  Take a look at photos of local destination weddings to give yourself an idea what different dresses look like in that location.

Q2 What climate will there be at your wedding location?

To maximize comfort on the big day, think about the climate at your wedding location: will it be hot, warm, cool or cold?  

If you plan to marry in the summer then you can go for a dress that exposes more skin!  If it will be very hot, prefer fabrics that are very light-weight that let your skin breathe and avoid very tight-fitting dresses.

If you plan a winter ceremony, or a wedding in a cooler season, then you might want to give some thought to how to keep warm: will you go for a winter wedding dress style or will you look for a suitable cover-up?  Heavier fabrics such as heavy silks or even wool are both good alternatives for cooler climes.

Don’t forget that if you get married in the evening, it will be cooler wherever you are!

Q3 Have you planned a special wedding theme?

If you have planned a particular theme for your wedding then you may consider a gown that matches the theme.  Think about a vintage dress for example or a coloured dress to match your wedding theme.  

Some brides do this the other way around of course: they find their perfect dress and build the wedding theme around the dress!

Either way is good of course, just make sure you discuss options with your wedding planner to make sure that plans are in synch.

Q4 What is your dress budget?

How much you plan or can afford to spend on your wedding dress is really important. 

It no-doubt will be a significant part of the overall wedding budget, but you need to make sure you take into account any necessary trade-offs.   For example you might spend more on your dress and less on your honeymoon or vice versa.  

It’s important to decide on the maximum amount so that you can really focus your search in the right places.  

You don’t have to feel  too constrained however,  there are many ways to ensure you get your dream-dress: you have a whole range of possibilities from  haute-couture designer dresses to making your own (or getting it made for you)!