The Princess Diana Wedding Dress

The Princess Diana wedding dress is doubtlessly one of the most iconic Royal wedding dresses that the world has ever seen.

On July 29th 1981 the fairy tale wedding took place at St Paul's Cathedral.  Millions of people around the world watched the Princess walk down the aisle in her David and Elizabeth Emanuel dress.  Today it's still one of the most famous and memorable wedding dresses in the world.

Princess Diana's wedding dress really was a Disney-style princess dress. Designed to be grandiose and make a statement, the opulent dress was valued at £9,000 at the time. 

It was created in beautiful ivory silk taffeta and decorated with a bodice of lace, hand embroidery, sequins and no fewer than 10,000 pearls.  A ruffled collar featured a bow in the centre, while the puffed sleeves were adorned with ribbons which gathered them into ruffles. With a 25 foot train of silk and antique lace, it had the longest ever recorded train at a royal wedding. Copies of the dress were available just a few hours after the wedding.

It was this romantic, fairytale dress, that led to the 1980s trend for "puff ball", "meringue" style wedding dresses.  Although the style has dwindled in popularity in the meantime, elements of the Princess Diana Wedding Dress dress remain popular today such as puffed sleeves, lace applique and the characteristic ballgown shape. 

There is no doubt that Princess Diana's dress is one of the most fascinating wedding dresses in recent history - one that has toured the world for exhibitions in recent years. The dress has inspired a range of designers, and will undoubtedly continue to do so for years to come.